Jan 10, 2023 1 min read

4Discovery: Digital Forensics Solutions

4Discovery: Digital Forensics Solutions

4Discovery is an organization which has designed a variety free digital forensics tools available online. Some of the tools created by 4Discovery are the MetaExtractor, USB Historian, ShellBagger and LinkParser. MetaExtractor is a software that allows investigators to quicky extact metadata from multimedia files. This is similar to the ExifTool by Phil Harvey. USB Historian is a software that enables the user to extract and analyze digital artifacts on removable drives. This includes thumb drives, iPods, digital cameras, external drives and more. ShellBagger is a software that enables the user to quickly analyze Windows Shell Bags which are an important source of information when conducting Windows forensics. Lastly, LinkParser is a software which is used to extract and analyze Windows .LNK files.

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