Jan 11, 2023 1 min read

5G and MAN

5G and MAN

Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN’s) span across several miles to cover an entire city or urban area. This type of network can be used for a variety of purposes such as supporting modern infrastructure like traffic signals, city lighting, transportation, communication and other needs. Most people use MAN’s every day without realizing it when they watch TV or use the internet. Companies like Verizon and others have laid out miles of cables for various services such as internet. These day many apartment complexes and city homes come prebuilt with telecom services pre-equipped in the home. This allows users to simply activate their service online and connect their technology.

One new advancement that is being implemented is the development of 5G infrastructure in modern cities around the world. This new service is going to allow for wireless access to various locations that previously required cables to be installed. This has a great implications for the development of smart cities. Smart cities will have internet access in every square inch of the city through wireless technology. This will revolutionize society by allowing for a hyper connected environment even more so than we have now. It will also reduce the cost of building infrastructure.

This one development will likely be the beginning of a fully immersive digital environment with the option for augmented reality solutions and other exciting advancements. Technologies such as this will completely change out we interact with our environment as we fuze with the meta verse. Advertisements, shopping, social services, work and fun will be all be changed in someway from the introduction of a fully networked community and the advancements that come with it.

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