Jan 10, 2023 1 min read

Elcomsoft Forensics

Elcomsoft Forensics

Elcomsoft is a developer of digital foreniscs software for law enforcement, business and personal use. Elcomsoft provides a variety of digital forensics tools such as the Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle for Law Enforcement which costs $3,500. This tool allows for physical, logical and over the air acquisition of forensic data on a variety of devices.

The Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle which costs $5,000 is a tool that provides access to a full suite of digital forensic products. This package includes tools for mobile forensics, hard drive forensics, decryption, password cracking and much more. The Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker is a tool for personal use which costs $150 and is designed to extract passwords from internet browsers, email clients and autofill tools.

You can learn more about Elcomsoft digital forensics tools at the link below.

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