Jan 10, 2023 1 min read

Hard Drive Types

Hard Drive Types

Hard Drive Disk (HDD)

HDD is a tradition storage device that uses a complex series of moving parts and is generally slower than a Solid State Drive (SSD). In the early years of computers Hard Disk Drives were the standard for storage devices however Solid State Drives are now becoming the new standard. Hard Disk Drives are mechanical devices that uses spinning platters and other parts to store, organize and access data on the drive. Because of this Hard Disk Drives are much more fragile than Solid State Drives and should be handled with care.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

SSD is a newer generation storage device that offer more benefits than the older Hard Disk Drives. Solid State Drives use a chip called NAND flash memory which enhances the speed of the device. This is accomplished by not having moving parts like older Hard Disk Drives. Solid State Drives work similar to Random Access Memory (RAM) which is a form of short term memory commonly used by computers.

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